Midat Institution for Torah policy - Intrudaction

The "Midat Institution for Torah policy" was established in order to provide decision-makers in Israel with a clear Torah voice that will empower them in basing their decisions and directives on Jewish law and morality.

Another aim of the institute is to bring Torah policy to the public discourse, where it is currently sorely lacking. At the same time, the institute wishes to raise awareness of Torah policy within the ultra-Orthodox sector, both as a matter of principle and as a vehicle for brining Torah values closer to the hearts of the broader Israeli public.

The Institute team

Michael Nachteiler

Director of the Institution

Rabbi Refael Kreuzer

Head of Torah research team

Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer

Law and philosophy area

Adv. Vardit Rosenblum

Policy area


The following document is a preliminary summary of an extensive document that it being written at the Midat Institute on the subject of the role of the rabbi in Israel.